Friday, July 2, 2010

Making Progress!!!

Everyone has been asking for an adoption it is!  YAY!

Okay, I am SO CLOSE to having ALL of our paperwork done!!!  I must say that when I first got started, it was all just overwhelming.  I had heard from almost everyone that there were mountains of paperwork involved in an international adoption.  So, I had some weeks that I was just paralyzed, and didn't do anything!  With life and three other kiddos, I felt like I had to "stop" everything and turn on paperwork.  Then, right when I would get going, someone would wake up from a nap or dinner would need cooking or whatever. I say all of that to say that there were a few times that I just sat down to knock some things out. wasn't that bad!!  At all!!!  If I could do it all over again, I would not be so intimidated to be paralyzed in it.  I think it would go quicker.  I realized (after I was done and looking at it) that I could just do one paper at a time...that was okay...just put it in the "completed" pile and check it off.  Sometimes I feel like I wouldn't make any progress if I did it that way.  I guess I am too "high-closure!"

Anyway, here is what I have been working on:
  • 4 online classes for adoptive parent training completed!
  • adoptive parent training handbook completed!
  • the home study is just needs to be revised a little and sent off for approval!
  • all birth certificates and our marriage license are in!
  • My passport renewal has been ordered!
  • We have all had physicals and gotten our medical forms notarized!
  • Our criminal check is done!
  • Our employment verification letters are done!
  • All of our letters of recommendation are done!
  • Our financial statement is done!
  • Our power of attorney is done!
  • Our post adoption commitment letter is done!
Still have left to do:
  • Get some documents notarized (we are doing that this afternoon!)
  • Get our power of attorney state certified
  • Application letter (telling Ethiopia why we want to adopt)
  • 2 more online classes for adoptive parent training
  • take pictures of our house
  • once it is reviewed....make 3 copies!  That is IT!
I CAN'T WAIT TO BE WAITING!!!!!!!!!  I think about that sweet child so much! 

As far as finances goes...we have raised $14, 024!!!!!!!  WOW!!!  Thank you, God!!!!!  We have truly been brought to tears at this provision from the Lord!  So much sacrificial giving...thank you all SO MUCH!

I need to number-crunch, but with the two trips that are now required, I think we need about $12,000 more.  Do your thing, God!


Jenny said...

oh you're soooo close! i can't wait for you to be waiting either!

Amy said...

I can't wait to hear that you are "waiting"!