Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tricks for snow...

Well, some of us in Memphis were REALLY hoping for snow!!!  The weathermen were predicting it and the kids were HOPING!  Austin's teacher told him to turn his pj's inside out and backwards.  At first he said, "You can do it, Mom, but I want to see my starwars!"  Well, after ALL of us wore inside out and backwards pjs, he thought it was hilarious and decided to go for it.  Here is a pic of the kids (yes, even Eliana's were inside out...we couldn't get them backwards, though!):

Before we headed to bed we also flushed ice cubes down the toilet (we had heard that worked, too, so why not try every method!), and dreamed of throwing snowballs at each other the next morning. 

Well, it WORKED!  There was about 1/20 of an inch of snow!  Not enough to scrape the whole yard and make a snowball, but enough for a ton of wrecks on a road of southern drivers! :)

Too bad the kids didn't get out of school! :(  I was hoping to have a family fun day in the snow!