Wednesday, September 22, 2010

long overdue...

Woo-hoo!  I am back with some great news!  We are OFFICIALLY ON THE WAITLIST for our child(ren)!!!!!

I am so excited!  All of the paperwork that we worked on and waited the hands of our awesome adoption agency! So, that means that we got "official" numbers.  Our numbers are:

On the girl list: 94
On the boy list: 66
On the sibling list: 54

YAY!  We are on all of the lists, and approved for ages 0-18 months.  Some families are obviously only on the girl list or only on the boy list, or only on the sibling list.  Some are on all of them. So, if a 4 year old boy is at our orphanage in Ethiopia, he will be referred to a family who is approved for that age in their home study.  People with numbers 1-25 might not be open to an older child.  Let's say number 26 is...then number 26 will receive the referral for that little boy.  So, they don't always go in order and MANY factors effect it: age parameters, special needs, etc.  If they give out 2 girl referrals, we could move forward on all the lists if those families are on all of the lists.  Does that make sense?  I know it is kind of confusing!

So, now what am I doing??  I am working on getting off our USCIS application tomorrow.  Basically, this allows our child to get a visa to come into the United States.  I am also working on grant applications!

I have one complete and sent in and 2 more are in the works! I just need to pause right here and say how amazed I am at what God has provided for us financially thus far:
We have raised over $14,000 from all of you AMAZING, GENEROUS people out there!!!!!!!!  That is so amazing to me!  It has been an incredible journey with the Lord to see Him provide through so many...some strangers!...for this sweet life!  I would guess that we are about halfway there!!  I am not sure the exact total, because it has changed with the now-required two trips.  So, that is 5 plane tickets instead of 3, etc. I need to work on those numbers so I can get a realistic picture.

I will keep you updated on the grants and all of the movement on the lists!

Here is a picture of the kids before we mailed off the dossier: