Sunday, December 12, 2010

Please stop and pray

Words cannot express what I have been thinking, feeling, and processing over the last few days.  We know a family, the Harrison's, who have twin baby girls (20 months old), and Evie Grace went to be with Jesus on Thursday morning.  I can't even imagine what the Harrison's are going through.  I try to...I have bent my heart to Jesus, begging Him to be so tangible to them right now as they walk through this horrific time. Even in prayer, sometimes I just can't find the words.  I know and am trusting that the Holy Spirit is interceding for them.  I am trusting in God's Word and His character.  I cannot get this sweet family off of my mind.  I think about a lot of things that are hard and painful, and I cannot wrap my little human brain around them.  One thing that has stuck out to me over the last few days is my yearning for heaven.  Oh how beautiful to see all things new.  When all promises are fulfilled.  When there is true shalom.  When there is no more sin, and we see our Savior for all that He is.  Until then, I will continue to seek God with all that I am, even when things don't make sense.

Please keep the Harrison's in your prayers...Alicia, Jonathan, and twin sister Ramsey.

Here is their family blog:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Morning!

Oh, dear!  Olivia is definitely my early riser.  She has woken up at 4:30 for the day many times.  We don't let her get up then, but she can read or play quietly in her room or the playroom when we know she really isn't going to go back to sleep.  I also love early mornings, so usually I am up reading, and she is doing something in another room until breakfast time.

Well, this particular morning, I come around the corner and this is how I found her:

Oh, I hope the details show up on this, but this is not my computer, so I had to get the picture on in a different way.  Anyway, she was wearing a purple princess crown that she made on her 3rd bday, pink and black butterfly wings, a sleeveless blue princess velour top, a random dress up skirt, pink camo slippers,  and a clear backpack as a "purse" with TONS of jewelry in it.  I turned the corner, and she just looked at me so normally, and said, "Hi."  What?  It is 5:30 am.  LOVE THIS KID!  She keeps me rollin!

My precious girl!

My sweet littlest girl got her first haircut!!  I have actually been begging for this for a long time, because the poor thing has had quite the mullet.  Her daddy wanted to let it grow to see if it would get past that awkward stage.  Well, it did grow out...but it was still a mullet...just a longer one.  Nice.

He finally caved and let me take her to get it cut, and it is so precious!  He even agreed!  Here are some pics: before, during, and after.  Excuse the quality, they were the only ones I had! :)

see:  a long mullet.  Business in the front, party in the back, as they would say (whoever "they" are!).  Sorry, Elle.  And, yes, that is me trying to back away to avoid any picture that day!

Sweet Monica (cutting her hair)!  When I got there, I told her she was cutting Eliana's hair today and she said, "I'm so excited!"  My response: "I am glad YOU are!"  

Anyone who knows my sweet girl knows she loves to say "NO!" to anything and everything.  I knew this would be a battle.  Sure enough, I take a couple of steps towards Monica's chair, and she starts in: "No, Mommy, No, Mommy, No!!!!!"  The screaming begins!

Anyone who knows my sweet girl knows her love of sweets.  Monica gave her a candy cane, and won her over.  She ended up doing great!  

Here she is right after the haircut:

You can't tell a lot from the picture, but it is adorable!

Bye-Bye, Mullet!

December #'s!

We got our December numbers from our agency this week!

Here they are!
Girls list: 69
Boys list: 47
Siblings: 34