Friday, July 2, 2010

Knoxville Crenshaws!

I wanted to catch up and post some pics of our sweet time with the Knoxville Crenshaws!  We had a great time!

My nephews are super sweet, and it was great to get to be around them!  My kids had a ball with them, and there were plenty of tears when they left!!!

Mimi and Pops came in town one day to hang out with the whole gang!  Fun memories!  Here are some pics:

One day Becky and I took the kids to "My Big Backyard."  It was so much fun!  The two biggest boys were in the top of the house, and here they are peeking out!  I have no idea how they fit up there??:

When Mimi and Pops came, we enjoyed some time outside...had a Star Wars (of course!) pinata, played baggo, ate popsicles, and had great fellowship!

Babies in diapers with popsicles...priceless!  Gotta love summer days!

I can't believe we got a picture with Mimi, Pops, all the grandkids, and everyone is smiling!!!! (well, maybe not Eliana...)

One day, Brian and Brent took the biggest boys to a fishing rodeo!  They had so much fun, and caught some HUGE fish! (and all on their own!!...the dads could only help bait the hook and put the fish in the net after they reeled it in!!)  Austin actually won a bike for catching the biggest fish!  We were so excited for him!!

Here are the fishermen:

What a fun time we had! 


Karen said...

Hey! I figured out why I couldn't find the post a comment's b/c it's the same color as the background of your blog! Yea!...I just happened upon it as I mis-clicked on the bottom! So exciting! OKay, these are some great pictures....thanks for sharing! Love you!

becky@cup.of.joe said...

I wish we were there right now! Thank you for ALL of you WARM hospitality. Love you ALL!