Friday, July 16, 2010


Brian got the awesome opportunity to go serve in Haiti last month, and the kids and I headed to Florida to visit Chad, Karen, and the kiddos!  We had so much fun!  We got to go to the pool, the beach, hang out with cousins, live their "normal" life with them, going to the Y, etc.  Brian met up with us after his amazing trip, and we had a few extra days of vacationing with him, too!  Here are some pictures from our time:

Ha!  We got these things from the dollar bin at Target, and they thought they were the coolest!!  Too funny!  So, here was naptime in the car!:

Time at the pool!  Em and Lil'C are incredible swimmers!  It was really fun to watch them!

Eliana wanted to join in the goggle fun:

Beach time!:

Every Friday night on the island, they have live music around this little pond area... here is Uncle Chad and Eliana having a little conversation and eating popcorn:

Some chill time for all the cousins... (can you tell who lives at the beach!?! :) )

on the way home, Eliana wanted to wear the little eye things!!  She looked hilarious!:

Thank you, Woelke's, for an awesome time!!!  We CANNOT WAIT for you to be here in just a week!

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becky@cup.of.joe said...

What a fun trip!! I can't get over how big the Woelke kids are getting. Wowzers. Karen looks amazing, too. So beautiful.