Friday, July 16, 2010

The Carrolls

My dear friend, Ashleigh, and her hubby brought home their fourth child, who was adopted from Ethiopia.  Here are our kiddos and theirs (minus Jones :( ) playing while we were talking about what their parents were doing in Ethiopia that day:

The girls LOVE each other!!

And, the boys do, too!  Of course, they were doing manly things like building a house or something...

Here are the Carrolls coming HOME with Abigail!!!!!!   I am so excited for them!  It has been such a privilege to watch them walk through both of their adoptions! Here is a whole CREW waiting to meet her! is the first time everyone saw them!:

Charis was SO PRECIOUS...wanting to hold her hand the whole time.  She seriously would not let go of her new sister's hand the whole time I saw her!

So, so sweet...a daddy and his two girls!:

Ugh!  I just love this family so much!  Welcome home, Abigail! 


becky@cup.of.joe said...

Chills! Love it.

Ashleigh Carroll said...

How am I just now seeing this??? What a sweet friend you are...not only to share this, but to love on my kids while we were gone...WHAT A BLESSING!!!!

Cayce and Joel Harris said...

I just now saw this!! and am crying!! so beautiful dear friends. I'm blessed to see it in the pics.