Saturday, June 5, 2010


I LOVE SUMMER!!!  AHHH!!!!  Love it!!!  No real schedule, time to relax and play, road trips, time with cousins, time with friends, fun activities, pool time, flowers, warm sun, fresh cut grass...LOVE IT!

We are excited about our time together as a family with Austin out of school.  I have some projects on the list of "to-dos," but really just trying to enjoy the "moments!"  Along with summer comes some arguing with siblings for sure, so we are focusing on some new rules and trying to seek the Lord to change hearts!  (We all need more of Him and less of us!  Amen?...we need to put others above ourselves and respond in humility...amen?) So, you can pray for all of us about that!  I do NOT want behavior modification in out kids (or in us!), I want heart change...a deeper understanding of the gospel and God's grace and love.

Anyway, here are some fun pictures from our summer so far:

I am not kidding that we were so desperate for a pool a few weeks ago that this is what we used:  

(Liv and ES)

I can't believe they thought this was fun...or that they thought it was a pool...I guess it is the little things!

Having a ball at the pool!  I LOVE those big grins! 

Here is some family fun at Putt-Putt:

(Nana and Austin riding gocarts)

(Daddy and Livi)

(Nana and Pa with the kids on the bumper boats!)

(Eliana had fun watching!!)

After some fun at the pool, Austin decided he wanted to lay down on his towel.  His little sis cuddled right up, and Olivia was soon to follow!  It was too cute, I had to capture it!

Happy Summer! 


Jenny said...

you guys have been having a blast so far!!! LOVE summer!!!!!!

carrielubrady said...

Just catching up on your blog! So fun!! Love being your neighbor and that our kids get to grow up together!