Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another big day!!!

It has been a party week for the Crenshaws!  This is our first experience with end of the year school parties!  We had so much fun!  Austin's teachers helped them make class t-shirts with a self-portait of all of his classmates...they were super cute!  Everyone wore them to a bowling party to celebrate a great kindergarten year! Here is a picture:

I am so thankful!  What a great year!  Thank you especially to Mrs. Lindsey and Mrs. Perry!

One to the birthdays...
We got to celebrate my sweet hubby with the family with his favorite: pizza and heath bar cake!  Yum! Here are some cute pictures:

Brian blowing out his pretend candles...

And Olivia trying to make sure he is surprised with his present:

We love you so much, Brian!  You are an amazing leader of our family....thank you for all you do!

And last, here are some pictures from Olivia's birthday party.  We had so much fun!  She wanted an Ariel theme, so we had all kinds of water fun...slip-n-slide, pools, and games.   We love you, sweet girl!  It was so much fun to celebrate you!

(Above): some of the kids ready to slip-n-slide!
(Below):  Mr. John made Daddy do the "Pin the flowers on Ariel" since it was his birthday, too!  It was so funny!

Liv with Mommy and Daddy about to blow out candles:

Eliana "reading"...ha! :

Just having a conversation with Jones:

On her new bike!:

Happy Birthday, Brian and Olivia!

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becky.crenshaw said...

This is all just too good! Look at Liv on her new bike! And Austin is already a rising 1st grader! What in the world!? The cake(s) look great!! I grieve that we weren't there! The countdown to Memphis is on...8 days and counting!! LOVE YOU!