Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cousin time!

We got to spend some time with almost all of the cousins in April!  How fun!  We are SO VERY BLESSED to have an incredible family!  We love getting to spend whatever time we get with them!

Here are all the kiddos in Knoxville:

Thanks, Crenshaws, for a great long weekend! :) 

And, Case got to come with my awesome brother for the week (Sadly, Karen and Em stayed behind)
                                     Here is a trip to the zoo:

(I guess the girls were really interested in the elephants!)

They loved playing in the water almost as much as seeing all of the animals! :

At our home study, our social worker was asking about our support system and what our family relationships were like.  It really made me so thankful to the Lord for the family we have.  We are truly so supported by them. I am even more thankful to call them all FRIENDS!  Love yall!

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becky.crenshaw said...

What precious pictures, Erin!! We, too, are SO SO thankful for you all. It is on our summer wish list to come see the Memphis Cousins!! THe boys are already starting to talk about it!!!! I got Liv's b-day gift. Let's talk today about it. I may need to return one thing. I LOVE YOU!!