Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big day for the Crenshaws

Big day here today! 

First, my sweet girl turned FOUR!  Yay!  Oh, Olivia...she is FULL of life, joy, and love.  There have been a number of times lately that she just keeps giggling and giggling and giggling, and she says, "I am so full of joy in the Lord in Christ!"  Hilarious!  Don't know where she got that (especially that wording!), but I love it!  It is very true.  She is filled with the Joy of the Lord.  She loves people well, she is becoming more and more of a servant, and she is so nurturing (I think that her little sister would say she is a little TOO nurturing...she thinks she is her mother, trying to carry her around, etc.).  It can make me so frustrated to hear Eliana squeel in anger, but at the same time, I am so glad that she has such a nurturing spirit.  She really loves her and wants to take care of her.  She just doesn't know how.  Poor Eliana...

To start the day, I got to take her on a date to the donut shop.  Here she is, with the four purses she wanted to bring:

And, the two donuts she chose:

Oh, what a cutie!  She brings light and love and joy to my life! :)
Daddy brought her home some flowers, but I haven't gotten a picture of that yet.  Saturday is her Ariel party, and I will post some pictures afterwards.

Another reason it was a big day:
Austin's LAST day of kindergarten!  Oh, my!  I canNOT believe that he will be in first grade. He had a great year.  We are so blessed to have been at the school he was at, and to have had the sweet, precious teachers that he did.  He grew a ton in so many ways.  This was our first experience with any school, and it definitely was a great one!
Here is a picture of his first day of school....

And today, on his last day of school...

Looking forward to a great summer!!!!


becky.crenshaw said...

Oh! Thank you for sharing! Happy birthday Liv! And Austin! Look how he's grown! What a year can do! Love you ALL!

Jenny said...

happy birthday, olivia!! she is just TOO CUTE with her four purses... and saying, "i am so full of joy in the Lord in Christ!!!" how adorable and sweet is that?! and happy last day of kindergarten, austin!!!!! AWESOME!