Monday, May 24, 2010

My SIX year old!

Tears, boy is SIX!!!!  Wow...time has flown by.  So often lately I have just been looking at him, remembering so well rocking him when he was a baby, singing to him, playing with him.  I can't believe how grown up he is.  My heart is FILLED with thankfulness!  Lately I have just been laying down with him on his bed, and he talks about "being in first grade" or "next year when I am seven..."  UGH!  The tears start flowing! He wants to be assured that they are "happy tears," and I tell him I am just so proud of him and so thankful to the Lord for him.  Last night, I told him, "I just can't believe that God gave YOU to ME and DADDY!"  That is how I blessed!
Anyway...before I talk about my FOUR year old (more tears...) in a few days, I wanted to post some pictures from Austin's Star Wars party.  We have back to back birthdays in the spring around here!

It was such a fun day!  Filled with laughter, light saber fights, games, rain, and tornadoes (seriously...)!

We had:
  • a "Death Star" cake (thank you, google...I had no clue what that was or how to make it!!)
  • "Wookie Watermelon"
  • "Pretz-abers"
  • "Galactic Pizza"
  • "Yoda Soda"

Here is his cake:

Here are some of the young men after they were trained as Jedi's!

Instead of presents, they all went around and gave Austin one word that describes him.  It was a fun new tradition we started...we will make a "wordle" out of it and keep them throughout the years.  Some kids got creative and wrote their word in a card or picture for him. So sweet.

I hope you know how special you are, Austin!  We love you so much!


Kim F. said...

Erin, great post! I love the idea of making a wordle out of the kids' words for Austin. I may do that at Hunter's sixth birthday in September.

Melanie said...

Love the words idea, but I have to claim ignorance (and laziness because I don't want to google it) - what is a wordle????