Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Family Pics...

Just wanted to post some recent pictures!

This was all of us with Mimi and Pops before church on Easter...what a fun time we had with them here!  They got to spend most of the weekend here, so it was so special for the kiddos!!

We had an egg hunt at Nana and Pa's house after lunch.  They make everything so much fun!  Austin and Livi were super excited to EACH have found a SPECIAL golden egg! :) 

Like mother, like daughter...this is how I found Eliana one day when I walked into the kitchen:

 If you know me, you can guess what is dribbling down her chin.  If you don't...then here is another angle:
 Yep...she was just digging into a bag of chocolate chips!!  Wonder who else does that?!? is Mimi and Olivia working on our traditional "resurrection cookies" the night before Easter!


Jenny said...

what a good family picture!!! usually it's so hard to get a good one of everyone!!! and catching Eliana in the choc chips is great!!!

carrielubrady said...

Love that family picture! What a great photographer! Just kidding, I think what I especially love is that truck in the background. Love you neighborfriend.