Friday, March 12, 2010

Taking something "normal" and making it AWESOME!

Okay, as a mom, I of course LOVE for people to take an interest in my children...get to know them, love them, ask about them, etc.  When you have a baby-sitter who will do that, and really use the time to minister to your children and teach them more about have just hit "Baby-sitter JACKPOT!"

That completely describes my friend, Megan Staggs,  who loves to baby-sit and she has taken this "normal" thing and made it extraordinary.  She truly has a mindset to further the Kingdom of Christ through a ministry of baby-sitting.  She has decided that she can disciple younger girls through this venue.  She teaches them what parents want/need in a baby-sitter.  She teaches them that it is an opportunity to glorify God.  So, she started a business called Sojourn Sitters.  PLEASE check it out HERE.

If you don't know Carolyn McCulley, she is a speaker and author who is really great.  She has recently met Megan and written a blog post about her.  Check it out HERE. Megan shares her story, and writes it much better than me! 

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