Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Wow...that is pretty much the word I have for yesterday's adventure!

We went to go get fingerprinted for our FBI background check yesterday.  It was quite the adventure.  We had to go to the jail downtown, so we got the directions, made sure we didn't need an appointment and headed down there...all five of us.  It was comical...Austin came from school (he has to wear a collared shirt, tucked in, belt, etc...), the girls in their bows with bright, grinning faces and we walk into ...well...the jail.  It was rough!  Wow...the looks that we got! They were screaming (with the looks on their faces), "What are THEY doing here?"   (Little did they know that we can hold our own in a jail setting!)

The guy in charge before we went through the metal detectors just looked at me and said, "Boy!  You look a little heavy, so let me explain some things to you..."  Ummm...HEAVY?  I HOPE he was saying the wrong word...maybe he meant "inexperienced?" or "green?" or something along those lines...but HEAVY?  What is that?  I ate too much today? What?   Anyway, he made sure that I knew we could bring NOTHING in (no cell phones, bags, purses, etc.).  Just a liscense and  diaper for the baby.  Sweet Austin wanted to bring in his battleship game and looked at the cop in hopes that he could.  NOPE. 

We FINALLY made it back to the fingerprinting room after we got patted down for weapons and the ladies back there just wanted to ooohhh and ahhhh over Eliana.  Fine by me!  It got us out of there quickly! On the way out, there was a lady ranting and raving about something they wouldn't let her do, so she stormed out and dropped her sunglasss on the way out.  Austin was so concerned about her glasses.  He picked them up and brought them out to her, and it totally changed her attitude.  Funny how a little child can do that!  Thank you, Austin!

So, I am about to send those off...we will see how it goes!!


Jenny said...

oh boy! what a time!!! glad you got them done though!!! hope they're speedier w/your prints than they were at the beginning of the year.

Ashleigh Carroll said...

HAHAHAHA. If there's any word in the whole wide world I would NOT describe you as it's heavy.

Urban dictionary gives this definition:
When something is unbelievable, out of the ordinary.

But it also says:
to carry a gun or some other type of firearm

Soooooo...not sure what to tell you. hahahaha

Erin said...

Well, I guess that would be right then! I was FOR SURE out of the ordinary...and maybe carrying a gun, too?? Of course! I should have thought to look at the urban dictionary--maybe I can teach my neighborhood something now!

Christy said...

LOVE IT. Your stories are the best. Way to be so caring Austin!

becky.crenshaw said...