Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The rest of our summer was fun-filled!!

I got to go to camp with the students at our church for the first time!!  I have never gotten to go because of the ages of our kiddos, but we decided that with another Crenshaw coming soon (hopefully!), this was the summer to go!  It was God's sweet sovereignty because when we first started leading the youth group, the now 12th graders were then 7th graders.  These 7th grade girls were in my Bible study before I had more babies and stopped leading a group, so I got to experience their last camp as a high schooler.  It was really neat to see how the Lord has grown them.  They are amazing young women!!

Here are some camp pics:

Our precious room:

Here are the girls:

And the guys:

There were so many really powerful moments that week where God moved in the students' and leaders' hearts.  Towards the end of the week, our incredible camp pastor, Ricky Jenkins, talked about "dreams," and how we all have God-given dreams and to not lose sight of those things.  He talked about the older we get, our dreams go from a passionate "God use me to........" to "it would be nice if God would...." He asked Brian and I to share some dreams that God has placed on our hearts.  We shared about adoption and what God has done to teach us more about Himself and those in need.  We shared about how we would love to see more orphans placed in their "forever families" and also see light shed on the truth of the HIV crisis around the world.  Afterwards, we were presented with over $400 for our adoption raised by the students and staff that week.  This was so amazing to me. I was "ugly crying" knowing that this group of believers (who did not bring "extra" money to camp!!!) rallied together and gave to our family.  I am still so humbled and so honored and so blessed.  Their generosity is amazing to me.  They are a huge part in bringing this little one home.
Moving on, now that I am ugly crying again just thinking about it...

So, while we were at camp, our kiddos were back home with Nana and Pa, and by the looks on their faces, I am sure you can see just how much they were missing us...

Treat for the day...BombPops!!

Making homemade ice cream!

My parents are so thoughtful...they even brought them to go serve others by cutting down fallen limbs from a storm!

Nana taught her to tie her shoes!!  YAY!!!!

Going to see Winnie the Pooh!

Yummy breakfast treat:  Donuts!


We are so blessed to have them in such great, loving, hands!! :)

We also got to spend some quality time with some of the Knoxville Crenshaw cousins!  Here they are at the sprinkler park together:

Mimi and Pops came in so everyone could be together!  Here they are with all of the grandkids (minus Luke :(   ):

A definite low-light from my dear friend Christy moved away.  Definitely excited about what God is doing in their life and very sad to see them move away. Love you, Christy, and I am so thankful for you!

We got to hang out with this litttle guy for a weekend while his parents were away:

We kept thinking all weekend that he could be the same age as the newest Crenshaw!  It was fun to watch the kids play "big brother/sister!"

One more thing we did this summer:  

PAPERWORK!!  Our home study had to be updated, so we started the paper chase again.  I am so glad to have that behind us again.  Maybe we won't have to update it again before we go to Ethiopia!!  

Praying, praying for that call to come SOON! 

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Christy said...

Love you, precious friend!!!
Miss you dearly.
Praying for God's continued provision in bringing home your little one from far away.