Monday, March 14, 2011

A Little Encouragement

We haven't heard a TON of facts about everything that is going on with adoptions in Ethiopia, but what we have heard has been encouraging (that is a relative term..."more encouraging than our original fears" is what I should say!).

Tonight we got an email that said that MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) is now going to allow 20 finalizations/day instead of 5.  They used to process 50/day, so there will still be a delay, but it is better than 5!

Through all of this, I have been reminded that God loves all of these children way more than I could even imagine loving them.  HE is protecting them, HE is providing for them, and so we are begging HIM to make a way to put them in families.  A couple of friends have reminded me of the spiritual warfare in it.  Satan wants nothing more than for these children to remain orphaned. Hungry. Lacking trust for anyone, including God. Hurting. Sick. And God wants to put the lonely in families!  He wants to heal their bodies and hearts!  He is using His children to do this, and the enemy wants a hand in it, too.

Where does this leave our hearts?

Honestly, (I know this isn't the case for everyone on an adoption journey) we have felt since the beginning of this journey that this is about a specific Crenshaw child (or possibly more) that we are fighting for.  Although we want to advocate for all orphans and love and serve them well, we believe that every step of this path has been towards a specific child.  So, it isn't about Ethiopia.  It isn't about the HIV/AIDS crisis.  These are important, and God used them to direct us to our child.  But for us it is about that child.  Precious face and circumstances are unknown to us right now, but we are going to fight to bring him/her home.  We are going to persevere through whatever stands in our way and beg God to remove the barriers.  It actually empowers us in a way to press on even more.

I will update more when I know more!

And on to our March numbers....we got our new numbers today, too!  There is still movement, even in all of this craziness!
Girl List: 50
Boy List: 37
Siblings List: 26


Future Mama said...

I am so glad there is some positive news! Hopefully more will come...

Much love,
Future Mama

Cortney said...

I am praying in the Lord's will with you Erin. Can't wait to bring our hand picked ones home!