Friday, October 15, 2010

New numbers

It has been a while since we got these numbers, but I have been terrible at keeping up on here.

Girl list: 84
Boy list: 60
Siblings list: 51

I am so thankful so many referrals have gone out!  It seems like now that the courts have opened back up, there has been a lot of movement!  More kiddos going to their forever families!  :)

Here is a picture of my sweet Eliana thinking that she is as big as her brother and sister (don't worry...she was only pretending...I don't really let her ride in a booster!)

And, they opened up a "Greenline" in Memphis!  It is awesome!  A paved path for bikers, runners, walkers, etc...all through the city of Memphis.  One of the entrances is in our neighborhood, so we enjoyed that with Nana, Pa, Uncle C, Aunt K,  and the cousins last weekend! :


Alison said...

Ya'll are right behind us on the girl list, Erin! So fun!! Maybe we'll end up traveling together! That would be so great! :)

laurap said...

NO WAY!!! Praise God for a trail and those numbers!! WOW! I am going to call next week, hopefully Monday night! Love you!

becky@cup.of.joe said...

How exciting, Erin!! It won't be long until you are holding your little one(s)!! I love you.

Caitlyn said...

How fun, yay for Memphis!