Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Can you tell I am excited????  We just got accepted to the Ethiopian program with All God's Children International!!!!!  In talking to a couple of people, even my sweet hubby, they thought that was just a given, but for some reason for me it REALLY marked a HUGE moment for us!  What still seemed like a dream now feels like reality!  I got a message from the sweet woman we have been working with with AGCI saying,"Congratulations!  You are officially accepted...."  and I didn't even hear the rest!  I was cheering and crying saying "woo-hoo! woo-hoo!"  Olivia said, "Why are you sad?"  I told her I was so excited I was crying because we get to adopt a brother or sister!  Well, she thought that was the case all along of course, so she thought we were on our way right then! :) I WISH!

But, I am so excited to meet with our social worker and get going on everything!  I am anxiously awaiting our orientation packet in the mail!!!!! 

So...has been our timeline to date:

  • always...God moving our hearts toward adoption...
  • April, 2009...began praying more intentionally and seeking God for His specific plan for us in adoption
  • October 20, 2009...met with a woman from a local agency and God really used this meeting to lead us to Ethiopia.  
  • October 20-26...talked to numerous people and researched adoption agencies and programs with Ethiopia...decided to apply with All God's Children International!
  • November 20, 2009...sent in all of our information to AGCI!
  • November 23, 2009...they got our application, met with their team, and we realized we were missing some key letters from doctors/counselors.  So...on to waiting for those!
  • December 1, 2009...they got the letters, met together and accepted us!!!!!!  WOO-HOOO!!!!!
Lord Jesus, thank you so much for leading us down this road.  I am so excited!  I want to travel TODAY to go meet the next Crenshaw(s)!  We ask that you lead us each step of this way.  Give us wisdom, discernment, and few "snags" in the process.  We love you and thank you for adopting US.  Thank you for this beautiful picture of your grace, even though it isn't how you intended to grow families.  You are using it for your glory.  We love you!

And, here is a copy of part of the email we got!:

Hi Brian and Erin,
I am happy to welcome you to our agency as an applicant to our Ethiopia program! We have reviewed your application and have approved you to move forward with AGCI. I will mail your Orientation Packet today via UPS and you should be receiving it within two to four days. Enclosed are the contract agreements for the program and your next steps in becoming an adoptive parent. 



Karen said...

Hey, I'm with seems SO real now, which is why it is all the more exciting!

Christy said...

This is SO SO SO awesome! I love your post, your excitement, and your details. :) That really helps me (and others) who may need this info in the future and are SO encouraged by your journey!